When was the last time
piano music changed your life?

When was the last time you felt touched by a piece of music?
I mean really touched - relaxed and energized,
maybe even inspired and mesmerized...

If you are looking for music to "escape" with then you've come to the right place. "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" is Bob Baran's beautiful original solo piano music that is helping people just like you "escape" their day-to-day life.

Would you like to experience relaxation
while being energized?

Then give a listen to the first track from the CD... just click here


Would you like to be massaged
from the inside out?

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You could very well ask, "How can that be done?
Massage from the inside?"

It can be easily done! All you have to do is listen, really listen to this music. As you hear the piano keys being stroked, you can feel the tension let go in your shoulders. Take a deep breath, listen to the music and let go of all that tension you've been holding in your belly. You can do it. Just listen, really listen... And you will be massaged from the inside out.

Did I explain it well enough?
Do you get how to be massaged from the inside out?
Just Listen... Consciously Listen!

What do I mean by consciously listening? I mean listen with awareness. Listen and be aware of how your body feels and feel the tension let go as the music massages you from the inside out. Are you listening? Can you feel that? That letting go?

If at first you don't feel the "music massage", take another deep breath and try listening again. The more aware you become of your body the quicker you will feel the relaxation.

I have been a dancer and a massage therapist and there is still no better way for me to escape than to listen to music. But I was really surprised when I first consciously listened to this CD and I felt the tension in my shoulders let go. I thought, "This would be great massage music! It is massaging me from the inside out."

Since that first listening, I have had more consistent relaxation with "Escape Music ® A New Dawn", than with any other album I've ever listened to. But...

What are others saying about Escape Music ® A New Dawn

"I picked up a copy of "Escape Music ® a New Dawn"  at our local Borders.  I was looking for exactly that - escape music to play at work. The instrumentals are perfect, providing a nice feel to the office without distraction.  Everyone tends to get a little down after the Holidays have passed and we're looking at a long stretch of winter weather.  The beautiful piano music in a New Dawn is very uplifting.  My boss even stopped and commented on how beautiful the music was..."

- Becky - Tarentum, Pennsylvania


"My first thought (as I listened to "Escape Music ® A New Dawn") was a kind of time-lapse feeling.  I got a feeling of creation. Something starting, building/developing. I think it was around the 3rd piece,(Gentle & Tender) I got this thought in my head. I felt an overwhelming feel of being refreshed..."it was like a glass of water for my mind". I was thinking clearer.  Towards the end of the CD I was thinking a lot about ideas I have, I was really using my mind. I felt the music opened my mind, leaving it clear, to think about anything...I really felt it took me somewhere."

- Mike Prendergast, Performer, Boston, MA


"I love the music! It is perfect for my massage practice. It is also good meditation music... It's in my iPod and whether I'm rowing at home or out on the lake, it just takes me away."

- Carol Carpenter, LMT, Spokane, WA


“My clients love the music and it helps me get through my day. It is very relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating and healing. It sounds different every time I play it and I can play it over and over.”

- Debora Torkington, Holistic Health Practitioner,
San Diego, CA


"One thing that strikes me about this album...is the many walks of life it will most certainly attract...What makes it so easy to relate to is its' ability to satisfy on so many levels."

- Adam Saksa, Writer, Poet, Philosopher - Sedona, NM


"YES! I do love the music. I have been playing it a lot. I have always had a hard time with sleep and so I have been putting on my headphones and playing "Escape Music A New Dawn" when I go to bed and it is so relaxing and calming and peaceful. I just love it. Music, for me, has always been the one thing that can touch my emotions deeply and this CD is truly an "Escape". THANKS!"

- S. Crawford, Helena, MT


Let me ask you again, when was the last time
music changed your life?

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

Since I don't know the answer, I'd have to guess it hasn't been very many times, if at all. I believe the unique properties of the music contained on "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" can have a profound effect on you.

You wouldn't be the first to have a life changing experience. Listen as it performs its magic on those critical areas inside you that will lead to positive changes, not just in your life but also in your job or career.

The simple fact is listening to this music helps reduce the stress you hold in your body.

•When you have less stress you feel good.

•When you feel good, you are more productive.

•When you are more productive you make more money.

Now we all know we are supposed to take down time for ourselves, but there are times that you and I both know that just doesn't happen. And often that leads to stress related illnesses. So here's another beneficial side effect of having less stress held in your body, you have less illness. Just consciously listen to the music.

•Less stress = fewer illnesses = more money...
And who doesn't need more money!

When you have less stress, you feel good, you are more productive and you earn more money. I'm not saying all this will happen just from listening to the CD, but all of these benefits can come from being more relaxed and energized in your life. "Escape Music® A New Dawn" has done both for me as the result of the musical massage from the inside out.

One of the amazing things about this music and what makes it such wonderful healing escape music ® is the way it was composed.

The composer, Bob Baran, was inspired one morning by a sunrise. Not just any sunrise but a magical sunrise. A truly spectacular one where the quality of the light was uplifting and illuminating. He watched as the light began to spill over the hills to the east. As he sat on the deck taking in the smells of dawn, the sun's rays began painting the mountain range to the south with a golden color that highlighted the ridges and made deeper shadows of the valleys. As the sun continued to rise the fields in the valley below came to life and Bob was inspired, no, he was compelled, to capture this experience in music.

Now here comes the really amazing part. He just sat down at the piano and played! That's right, he didn't figure out what note he was going to play first or second or last. He just played the piano and "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" was born.

So, would you like to hear more? Here are sound bites for each of the tracks...

MP3 Sound Bites & Track Listing
for "Escape Music ® A New Dawn"
(to listen to each sound bite click on each track listing)

  1. Sunrise
  2. A New Dawn
  3. Gentle & Tender
  4. Escape
  5. Cloud Dance
  6. Landscapes
  7. Awakening

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

Why does composition like this create piano music
that you can escape to over and over again?

Bob calls his unique approach to music, quantum consciousness music, because it comes from a place of pure feeling, pure intuition. Because it comes from this place, it speaks to this same place inside you.

This healing solo piano music wasn't planned. The feelings and inspiration from the Montana sunrise guided Bob's fingers as he sailed on an ocean of pure music. This is music that continuously evolves over time without repetitive patterns found in too much of today's music. Every time you listen to "Escape Music® A New Dawn" you can pick up something new.

And because there was no structure imposed, other than what felt good, the music has a beautiful flow to it. Flow that helps open your creative center.

How could you be more creative
just from listening to piano music?

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

The answer can be found in the quantum consciousness creative process. Bob was able to let go of all his preconceived notions and fully surrender to the "knowingness". You could say Bob's music flowed from his right brain unedited by the analytical left brain. So it helps put you into a right brained state. And the right brain is the center of creativity, and the doorway to quantum consciousness.

Due to the way it flowed into being, the music has healing qualities. So not only do you become more creative but it helps unleash your deep healing energies. "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" not only provides an "escape" but can also change your life, if you allow the deep healing relaxation to energize you.

You may not have heard of Bob Baran and his music yet. But just last year the CD we are talking about, "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" was on the ballot of the Grammy Awards in four categories. New Age Album of the Year, being one of them.

What does that mean, being on the Grammy ballot?

Like fellow pianists, Philip Aaberg, who received a Grammy nomination and Grammy winning, George Winston, it means that the committees that determine the Grammy worthiness of each entry found this CD of Bob Baran's, Grammy worthy. It involves the quality, the availability and other key criteria, all of which "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" met.

I know it may not mean much to you, but for an artist who has been composing, performing and producing music for over 25 years it was an honor and inspiration to be recognized by his peers, especially the ones that determine award worthiness. And what it means to you is you are getting quality music from a great composer.

Are you on the outlook
for new and unique music?

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

This music is unique in a number of ways. The term Escape Music ® itself describes an original or unique style of music, in fact it is considered a new musical genre by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. And being issued a registered trademark for a new genre of music is not an everyday occurrence. In fact, I don't know if it's ever been done for an artist's musical style before.

Other than being considered a new genre by those that determine what is new, unique and original, one of the other unique features of this music is the way it was recorded.

How would you feel about having the intimacy of
the sound of a warm liquid piano right in your room.

How can this be, you might ask? The how is in the unique recording process used. It creates a holographic sound. When you put the CD in a boom box and place it a couple of feet away from the wall and then turn the boom box so the speakers are now facing the wall, the wall will magically transform into an amazing acoustic grand piano. This effect can be achieved at a low, as well as a moderate volume level.

There are a number of times and places where playing
"Escape Music ® A New Dawn could be beneficial...

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

For example play "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" in these instances:

• you may enjoy yoga or other stretching or meditative exercise.
(the right brain state the music puts you in, will enhance these practices)

• as a soundtrack for a bath, creative endeavors, or escaping with a good book or with your special someone.
(again the right brain state enhances your imagination)

• can be excellent background music
(dinner music, waiting room, at work, at the computer, etc.)

• actively listen to the CD on a superior sound system
(revealing the holographic qualities of the unique recording process)

The Sixteen Features and Benefits of
"Escape Music ® A New Dawn"
(you may add more)

Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

• music that makes you feel good
(if you feel good, you're more productive)

• when you are more productive you make more money
(and who doesn't need more money)

• reduces stress held in your body

(less stress, fewer injuries)

• healing right brained music

(opens up creative healing)

• music considered so unique it was given it's own registered trademark

(Escape Music®)

• music by a Grammy worthy composer

(Bob Baran on the Gathering Wave® label)

• music that can massage you while you listen
(remember just listen consciously)

• music that you can listen to over and over again
(and keep finding something new)

• music that can relax you and energize you at the same time
(strange but true!)

• music that can open your creative flow
(whatever your art form, massage or other, you will surprise yourself)

• do yoga or stretches

• escape with the music
(use your imagination)

• music that you can relax with
(take a bath, read a book, etc)

• good background music
(dinner, waiting room, at work, at the computer, etc.)

• a CD that played through a boom box can transform a wall into a grand piano
(point at a wall from a couple feet away and put on low volume)

• a CD that sounds great whatever you play it on
(boom box to car to audiophile sound system)

If you enjoyed the sound bites from "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" and would like to find out more about the composer and what he is up to now... go to www.bobbaran.com.


Go to iTunes for individual tracks or the entire album.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed our conversation and perhaps you will find "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" as healing and life changing as I do.

Warmest Regards,

Gathering Wave®
Quantum Transcendence™ Group
P.O. Box 3198
Laguna Hills, CA 92654